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Cosmetic Surgery Package

We offer an excellent, reasonably priced alternative to cosmetic surgery in the United States. As an example, a complete face lift, plus a three week recovery period at Casa del Cielo, featuring a spa atmosphere, including meals, maid service and car trips to nearby San Miguel de Allende, may be purchased for approximately $9,000 USD. This does not include transportation costs from outside Mexico to San Miguel de Allende and Casa Del Cielo.  

Dr. Carlos BarreraThe surgeon, Dr. Carlos Barrera has been performing cosmetic and skin cancer surgery for more than 35 years, and his work speaks for itself. hospital

Each patient will be picked up at Casa Del Cielo by a driver, sent by Dr. Barrera, and driven to the hospital, where she/he will spend three days and nights. The first day includes a complete physical exam and evaluation, including a blood workup. Day two is procedure day. Dr. Barrera does not put a patient “under,” but utilizes the “twilight” approach to sedation. Day three is spent in the hospital, where the doctor and nurses attend to the patient’s early recovery. On day four a driver returns the patient to Casa Del Cielo for a recovery period of up to three weeks. Should a patient wish to stay longer, a reasonable rate may be negotiated.  


Dr. Carlos Barrera
Date of Birth: November 5, 1955
Graduate at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México - 1980
Completed his Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Residence at Institute of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of Guadalajara Jal. - 1985
Post-Graduate and Certified in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Institute of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of Guadalajara Jal. - 1985
Active and Founder Member of Colegio de Cirujanos Plásticos Estéticos y Reconstructivos del Estado de Guanajuato.
In charge of Plastic and Reconstructiva Sugery Service at Centro Médico Quirúrgico de Celaya.
Face Lift expert with more than 500 successfull cases.
Languages: English and Spanish.


Casa del CieloDr. Barrera comes to Casa Del Cielo after approximately ten days to remove the stitches and personally evaluate the patient’s progress. If he or an assistant is required at any time after removal of the stitches, one of them is close by. 

Good, organic food and rest in a relaxing, homey atmosphere are important elements of a healthy and eye-pleasing recovery.

Before and After Examples

Gloria - beforeGloria - after

Gloria - beforeGloria - after


I had been an actress and model for almost thirty years. I was used to being and feeling beautiful. And while I realize aging is a normal process, with brilliant cosmetic surgery, the droop and sag that frequently accompany the passage of time, are no longer inevitable.

These before and after photos of me and several others, are testament to the skill of Dr. Barrera.

Ours is a healthy and inexpensive alternative to most cosmetic surgeons available in the United States.

Come join me and I'll guide you through your amazing transformation.

Yours in health and beauty,

Gloria Parker




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